June 10, 2016

Considerations for Types of Docks

There are various different types of docks available in the industry, and it is basically all down to the type of pond and personal preference that determines the type of dock you get. There are also certain environmental considerations that you should take into account when building a dock. The type of shoreline that you have as well as the lake bottom also plays a role in what type of dock you should you build. So, if you’re looking to build a brand new dock, here are some of the environmental considerations you should take into account:

Consider the depth of the lake beds

You may have a lot of skill and experience in building docks, but you need to consider the type of lake bed that you have as well as the depth of the bed. Pay attention to the layout of the shoreline, as well as the bottom of the lake, since it is going to determine, what design, layout or installation you should get for your dock.

Rule of thumb for lake bottoms

The rule of thumb you need to follow for the bottom of the lake is that they need to be flat and sandy. The depth of the dock should only be about a few feet away from the shore. If the bottom of the lake is stony and not sandy, then you will experience some problems, and you may need to adjust the depth of your dock according to it.

That is why it is important that you measure the length and depth of your lake accurately. You should know that most lakes are refilled and drawn down, depending on the seasons and the water needs of the locals. This can cause the depth of your lake to vary over time, and your dock needs to account for this factor as well.

The demand for floating docks

Floating docks are in such high demand, because they can move in and out of the lake. You will also not have to worry about the depth of the lake, since you can adjust your dock accordingly. If you haven’t got a clue regarding the environment changes of your lake, you can ask the locals or the neighbors who have their own docks. You should go check out their docks in order to determine how they operate once the depth of the lake changes.

It is advised that you should speak with the local dock builders, for valuable advice on the type of dock you should get for your lake.

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