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Aluminum Ramps

Custom built aluminum ramp systems from Nichol Marine for lake and ocean front properties ensure you gain stable and long term access to your waterfront.


Nichol Marine uses encapsulated foam billets, which are not only better for the environment but increase the longevity of your dock.

Nichol Marine builds and repairs anchor systems for your waterfront property on Vancouver Island, supporting both lake and ocean properties


Nichol Marine provides extensive lake and ocean dock construction and repair services across Vancouver Island.

Nichol Marine builds and repairs boardwalks across Vancouver Island. No matter what terrain you need to cross, we can help you with a long-term solution.


Protect your boat with style and innovation.  Combine functionality and aesthetics to safeguard your vessel in any water environment.

Party Floats

Elevate your parties on the water with our detachable party barge. Experience ultimate flexibility and entertainment as you cruise in style, creating unforgettable memories on this versatile floating oasis.

Accessories and Hardware
Decking Options
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