Marine Repair Contractors

Nichol Marine’s experience and knowledge of the safety, regulatory and functional designs for public use floating docks and waterfront access docks is unparalleled in the marine industry. We have constructed some of the finest and most functional public access docks. We know that every site is unique with its own challenges of accessibility, water fluctuations, currents, bottom conditions, anchorage considerations and more.

At Nichol Marine we guarantee superior customer service and top quality craftsmanship from the initial design to delivery and installation. We specialize in the construction and repair of both residential and commercial docks, ramps and boathouses.

Some of Our Services Include:

  •   Wooden Docks
  •   Concrete Docks
  •   Floatation Systems
  •   Approaches
  •   Deck Design and Construction
  •   Full Repair Services
  •   Aluminum Ramps
  •   Anchor Systems
  •   Marine Electrical Services
  •   Residential Boathouses
  •   Commercial Boathouses
  •   Boardwalks
  •   Marine Excavating Services
  •   Residential Excavating Services
Additional Services
  • Marine Repair
  • Mooring Buoys
  • Piers
  • Floating Breakwaters
  • Full Electrical Services
  • Excavating Sea Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Underground Water, Sewer, Power, and Communication Services