Nichol Marine provides contracting services for a broad range of marine and electrical services. Whatever marine project you're planning, or if in need of repairs, we can help.

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum ramps provide a long lasting and reliable way to reach your floating dock. Our ramps move with the tides and waves to make them as flexible as you nee to keep you close to the water.

Boat Houses

At Nichol Marine we build boathouses of all sizes for commercial and residential properties.


boardwalk is an essential type of path construction for areas that have frequent water flow, such as a rising tide, marshy ground, or steams running through. Boardwalks provide a clean and easy pathway through difficult to pass terrain, making it easier for you to use your property.


To fully appreciate and enjoy the value of your waterfront property, a dock is needed. We excel at custom designs of West Coast docks and approaches for ocean front and lake front properties.

Anchor System

We build heavy duty anchor systems that are guaranteed to stay cemented in place. Thick chains combined with large cement blocks and metal anchoring ensures that whatever you attach, will not be going anywhere!

Flotation System

Float docks allow for many different types of dock design, and we look forward to helping you find the best type for your needs.