Aluminum Ramp Construction

Custom built aluminum ramp systems from Nichol Marine for lake and ocean front properties ensure you gain stable and long term access to your waterfront.

To access your dock, you need a secure and durable ramp (also called a gangplank), one that will last many years and be a worthwhile investment for your money.

Aluminum is a good option for lakes.

In fresh lake water, aluminum is great at resisting corrosion. Also, aluminum is sturdy, long lasting and economical. You have the option of an aluminum ramp with wood decking or an all-aluminum ramp.

Our construction of aluminum ramps.

We build your ramp to suit your site, and we build it to last. We pay special attention to the connections. The construction of joints and railings will be tight and sturdy. You don’t want your railing to be giving way under your hand. You want to able to walk across your ramp with the support of secure hand rails.

Making sure your aluminum ramp is secured properly to the shore.

The attachment of your aluminum ramp to the land and to the dock must take into consideration many concerns:

  • It needs to be sufficiently anchored to the shore, so it won’t pull out when forces such as wind and current are applied.
  • The topography of the land determines the construction needs.
  • The seasonal high and low water levels in the area also need to be understood.
  • Also, any traffic or special building regulations must be planned for.

We will customize a quality aluminum ramp to your site. We will make sure that the ramp is flexible in its attachment (enabling it to move with the water) and secure (so it won’t pull away from the shore and we will build it to last.

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