Nichol Marine builds and repairs boardwalks across Vancouver Island. No matter what terrain you need to cross, we can help you with a long-term solution.

Is your shoreline beautiful but difficult to access? Part of the joy of staying at your lake house can be getting up with that first cup of coffee and strolling down to the water to enjoy the new morning. Boardwalks give you access to your shoreline.

Boardwalks give firm footing over marshlands.

Marshy shorelines are beautiful and often filled with wildlife that are fun to glimpse between the grasses. Putting in our boardwalks will ensure that you have easy access even in wet and soggy seasons. You don’t have to worry about getting mud on your shoes or surprising a snake underfoot.

Boardwalks can be helpful in rocky areas as well.

Some shorelines are composed of rocks that are small enough that they don’t give you an area to put your foot, but are large enough to turn your ankle.

On this type of shore, even if it isn’t soggy, it can be a difficult and painful process to make your way to the shore. A boardwalk in this situation makes a lot of sense especially if you enjoy going out to the water in the evening when it’s hard to see where you are stepping. It’s no fun risking a sprain to look at the moon over the water.

Boardwalks Provide Accessibility

Whether for yourself or guests, a boardwalk can help to ensure that everyone is able to go down to the water to enjoy it easily and safely

If your shoreline is marshy or hard to get to, consider adding a boardwalk. Contact us and find out how we can build you a quality boardwalk. It will make such a difference in how much you enjoy your property.

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