Dock Construction and Repair

Nichol Marine provides extensive lake and ocean dock construction and repair services across Vancouver Island. Contact us today for a consultation!

To fully appreciate and enjoy the value of your waterfront property, a dock is needed. We excel at custom designs of West Coast docks and approaches for ocean front and lake front properties. Whether it is a new build, or a repair, our skilled trades are able to get the job done. We build wooden and concrete docks, as well as using aluminum ramp and frame systems.

The floating components of your dock can be arranged in various configurations to best suit your needs, including boat considerations, shore environment, plans for future expansion, ease of access, and many more. At Nichol Marine, we enjoy the challenge of creating customized docks that are the perfect fit for each of our clients.

Additional Services
  • Marine Repair
  • Mooring Buoys
  • Piers
  • Floating Breakwaters
  • Full Electrical Services
  • Excavating Sea Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Underground Water, Sewer, Power, and Communication Services