Marine Electrical Services

Marine Electricians Victoria

Are you looking for a marine electrician to install, troubleshoot or repair the electronic equipment onboard your boat?

Marine Electrical Contractors

The electrical aspects of boats, ships, yachts and other marine vehicles are all installed and maintained by marine electricians. A marine designs basic electrical systems; very complex systems may be required to be designed by an engineer and installed by a marine electrician. The work of maintaining and fixing those onboard electronics is also the work of marine electricians.

Specialized knowledge is required for the diverse types of electrical parts on marine going vehicles which may include navigational equipment, lighting, refrigeration as well as conditioning systems. Each of these systems is important and must be installed and maintained for you to enjoy the benefits of your marine vehicle without the hazards and hassles of breakdowns and constant repairs. The knowledge of proper grounding is especially important as boats are made to be used in the water.

Additionally, you’ll want a trusted resource for regular inspections.

Victoria Marine Electricians

Nichol Marine works with our partner company Nichol Electric to provide comprehensive electrical marine repair and construction services. Nichol Electric has been proudly serving Vancouver Island since 2008!

  • Maintenance
  • Navigation Canada Electrical Inspections
  • Navigational Lighting
  • Troubleshooting
Additional Services
  • Marine Repair
  • Mooring Buoys
  • Piers
  • Floating Breakwaters
  • Full Electrical Services
  • Excavating Sea Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Underground Water, Sewer, Power, and Communication Services