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  • 28 May
    Docks for Different Shorelines

    Docks for Different Shorelines

    The warm heat of the summer season has begun to descend upon us and what better way to make the most of it than to enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating near the shores. If you live in a location near a lake or a river, you need to build a dock to accommodate your summer adventures. However, the task of choosing the right dock for your shoreline is far from easy; there are various factors you need to consider in order to ensure your dock is ideally suited to your shoreline.

    Types of docks for each shoreline

    Floating docks

    These are perfect for lakes in which the water level changes constantly or is very deep. You do not have to worry about removing it during the winter season, as long as it is detached and towed to a safe area. Floating docks are made out of steel tubes or plastic billets, and you can easily find it in a range of shapes and widths.

    Permanent docks

    Permanent docks are well known for having robust stability since they are made out of steel pilings that are inserted deep into the lake bottom. A steel structure is also constructed on top in the form of various decking options. Permanent docks are best suited for lakes that have a stable water level. However, they are the more expensive of docking options and cannot withstand ice.

    Pipe docks

    These are relatively easier to remove during the winter season for preventing damage due to icing. Building from aluminum frames, pipe docks are available in a range of designs and shapes and are also the least expensive.

    Lift-up docks

    These are similar to pipe docks since they stand on legs and can easily be moved and raised during the winter season. By using a winch, these docks can be hooked into it and raised with exceptional ease and made into L and T shapes.

    How to decide which dock is right for you?

    Since there are so many types of docks and configurations to choose from, you need to consider various factors to decide one that best suits your shoreline. First of all, you need to decide the purpose of your dock. This means answering whether you will need it for swimming or boating or whether you will stay during winter?

    Secondly, you need to think about how easily you can install and remove the dock as per your needs. Can you do it by yourself or will you require specialist help? Thirdly, you should consider how expensive maintenance and repair costs are.

    These considerations will enable you to have a much deeper understanding behind your dock building decision.

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