• 21 May
    Getting Your Dock Ready for Summer

    Getting Your Dock Ready for Summer

    Spring is here, winding it’s way to summer and visions of fishing, sailing, swimming or just laying out on your dock with a good book as you enjoy the sunshine. Before the summer is in full swing take a look at some things to do to get your dock ready for the summer.

    Things to inspect when getting your dock ready.

    • Check to see whether your dock is level and not tilting one way or the other.
    • Make sure you any loose boards, or rotten ones that need replacing, check to see if they are still well attached.
    • With wood, you will want to apply an annual sealant to protect it from the effects of the sun and water.
    • Are your hinges still in good working order? Are all of the pins attaching them in place?
    • Is your anchoring in place? Make sure your cables are in good shape, not broken or frayed.
    • Make sure your handrails are secure and provide good support for walking.
    • Make sure any boat lifts are still mounted tightly and are in working condition.

    Consider contracting with us for some of your maintenance needs.

    After taking note of the condition of your dock, decide whether you want to go ahead and contract with someone for maintenance, depending on the extent of preparation needed and the time involved. You may contact us to discuss repair and maintenance needs. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

  • 16 May
    25 Fun Things to do at the Lake

    25 Fun Things to do at the Lake

    Looking for fun things to do at the lake? The lake is the perfect place to get away for fun, exercise, quiet and to make memories.

    So, What are some fun things to do at the lake?

    1. Swimming, of course.
    2. Water Skiing, which brings us to the next fun thing…
    3. Speeding through the water in a motor boat with the wind whipping in your hair.
    4. Jet-skiing, solo or in groups, like a motor-bike on the water.
    5. Hanging out with friends on a pontoon boat.
    6. Fishing off of a dock or a boat.
    7. Taking a walk and exploring… watching for wildlife.
    8. Taking photographs of the beauty around you.
    9. Paddle Boarding, standing while you paddle gives you a whole different view.
    10. Canoeing or Kayaking.
    11. Sports on the beach (volleyball, soccer, football, frisbee, jogging)
    12. Chatting and singing around a campfire at night beside the lake.
    13. Snorkeling (in clear lakes).
    14. Body surfing if your lake has the waves for it.
    15. Skimming across the water in your sailboat.
    16. Windsurfing, a cross between surfing and sailing.
    17. Kite flying off the edge of the dock or in your boat when the wind is up.
    18. Wakeboarding and kneeboarding.
    19. Kite boating and kite surfing two unique spins on boating and surfing.
    20. Parasailing for those who like speed and heights. Imagine the views.
    21. Jumping on water trampolines in the lake.
    22. Brave enough to try a flyboard?
    23. Rowing in a paddle boat.
    24. Ice fishing (some lakes, but certainly not in the summer).
    25. Sailing in a Catamaran.

    Don’t stop with these ideas, create a Pinterest board to get you ready for the summer. Here is a link to start you pinning. There are an endless array of fun things to do at the lake; your journey has just begun!

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