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    Dock Repairs – Signs Your Dock Needs TLC

    Dock Repairs – Signs Your Dock Needs TLC

    If you have a boat dock that you have built for enjoying activities, such as fishing, boating, or swimming, it is perfectly natural for it to show signs of wear and tear over many years. You may have begun to notice how the walkway has become bent or crooked or the some parts of it have been chipped away due to years of wave and ocean currents.

    The hard part, however, is deciding if it requires a few repairs or gone beyond its use and need a replacement. Having this clarity can help you save a considerable amount of money in repairs. The following are a few warning signs for deciding when to replace your boat dock.

    Dock supports show cracks

    If you notice your dock supports have cracks or are bent, then this is one strong sign that you boat dock needs replacing. The force of strong waves and ocean currents can result in the boat dock structure to bund due to the high pressure. If this is too much, it can even lead the dock supports to become crack and break.

    Another possible reason behind cracks on your dock supports could be the impact of running your boat into the dock structure. If you notice that the cracks are small and on individual beams, you can easily get the damaged parts replaced. However, if these cracks have affected a large section of the dock, then you have no choice but to replace it entirely.

    The waterline foundation has taken damage

    Damage to the foundation under the waterline is another strong indicator. Such kind of damage is extremely dangerous as it is the basis upon which your boat docking structure rests. If you notice any major cracks or erosion, be sure to have you dock replaced in its entirety.

    Rust on platforms and supports

    Due to the dock coming into contact with water so frequently, there is bound to be a build-up of moisture, which can result in rusted dock supports and platforms. This is not a big thing if the affected area is small in size since you can easily get it repaired. However, if it has affected a very large area, then it replacing your boat dock is long overdue.

    Rotting of wood in multiple areas

    If you have a wooden boat dock, it is perfectly normal for it to rot due to water fungus and wear and tear. However, if you find that the rotting has spread to multiple areas simultaneously, you should not try wasting any time for repairs as it will be very expensive and pointless. Simply get your boat dock replaced to be make the most of your boating or other outdoor adventures.

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